The Strip: I really had a lot of fun drawing this strip. Maybe more than any other I have done. I dunno why really. I love the second panel. I also really like Rabs face in panel three. Still refining/learning my style. Those of you who really pay attention will notice nuanced differences.

Gaming: I have obviously been on a bit of a zombie kick since Sunday night. Cant get enough of Dead Island man. I wish the day progressed in the game though. That is to say, i wish night fell over the island. The temptation to acquire Arkham City is terrible. What game goes in its stead though? I cannot rationalize getting it with out sending a sacrafice. It would likely be Rage. Ugh, BF3 comes out next week, and I know I will not finish anything for quite a while. Curse you fall season of plenty!

TV/Movies: Listen, cant stop thinking about The Walking Dead. Also have Captain America on deck. Cant wait to see it!

Music: We have the Time Warner Cable “Halloween” channel on all the time now. The boy loves it so.

Life: Ok, so I failed on making a Legacy Control themed pumpkin. The intent was there, but the offspring desires were different from my own. So we are now the proud owners of a devil horned Jack-O-Lantern with buck teeth. A couple of church ladies came up to sell me some sort of books, I dunno, but I saw through the window that they were off put by my devil horned pumkin’ I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think I heard them utter “They need Jesus.”

Wednesday, you are a beacon of hope, in the hell that is the work week.