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*Probably not true

The Strip: Another little departure from the current Anxiety and Depression story. Back to it Monday and will fish up next week. Yeah so…apparently the people are from the late 60’s…I dunno why. It just felt right drawing them like that.

Gaming: Warp is an adorable little puzzle game which on the outside looks like its great for kids…and by “on the outside” I mean before your actually warp inside human and explode them. I can’t help but feel a little bad every time I do it. Its a fantastic little game though and suggest you check it out.

TV/Movies: So I half watched The Big Bang Theory while I was drawing the strip…I wasn’t really enjoying it. Isn’t it supposed to be really good? Am I just broken?

Music: I don’t know why but i got a hankering to listen to the True Blood soundtrack today, and reminisce about when Bill and Sookie fell in love…ah the good old days.

Life: So I figured out why people gain weight on Lexepro…from the unparalleled hunger. I am beyond starving at all times. I mean, I’ve always had this problem but now I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation. Voracious.

Wan’t to tell you guys to check out my buddy Rickard’s iOS game. It’s perfect for little kids and people who like dressing up cute little animals. Go grab it, it’s FREE!

Friday, thank God!