Hannibal Lector…and the Necronomicon…That is what MY Facebook page is like.

I remember in Borderlands 1, I would just drive and slaughter every creature I could…the bigger the better. Not so much in the second coming. I feel like I have to run over enemies, even ones that i feel should be killed in only one drive by, at least twice. I dunno…maybe it’s just me.

Today…was a strange day. Strange good, but strange none the less. i wish I could share some of the details with you, all, but let me just say that I will be able to soon.

Also…I just want to take a moment here to thank you all for the support, kind words and telling your friends about Legacy Control. This strip is sincerely the most fulfilling creative thing I’ve ever done. It’s my baby and it wouldn’t feel so good with out all of you.

Thanks so hard,