The Strip: There are trials ahead of me next week. There are too many…just to many for any normal man. There will be Modern Wars to fight for the third time. There will be dragon lore discover, and a vast northern land to explore. Oh and lest ye forget that I have the third Battlefield and an Island befouled with the undead that still calls to me likes a sirens song. Yeah…may my wife have the strength for the difficult times ahead.

Gaming: And yet the Battlefielding continues. I have run into an issue that there are just too many of my friends of mine on any any given time to play with them all. Well to do it easily with EA/Battlefields server issues. Much like a fine wine, I have started to sample the full bouquet of flight and the subsequent battles that take place there. Planes…I am still like a newborn calf, wet and clumsy. The wet part is because I crash in the ocean a lot. I am more like a yearling in a helicopter though. That is as long as there are no other able pilots in the air during the match.

TV/Movies: We are on the very precipice of another drama filled episode of The Walking Dead. My heart is all a flutter with anticipation. I watched Due Date while drawing the strip. Overall its an ok movie but it has some great one liners.

Music: I am embarrassed to say I am already on a holiday music kick…I cant stop myself…I am sorry.

Life: I must again mention that Skyrim comes out this week. If the quickening was going off right now…Skyrim would be the only one. I guess…I dunno. I am just so amped to delve into that world. Its my most anticipated game of the year, hands down.

May Monday not penetrate you uninvitedly.