The Strip: I had a totally different strip started, then got a text from my good friend that works with my brother (NiCad). This comic is a direct quote (punched up a bit, obviously) from his adorable mouth. I have yet to discern if he meant to make this joke or not. Either way… kudos to you, little brother. 🙂

Gaming: Lets talk about my wife gaming for a bit. She doesn’t do it, not often. Every once in a while…when the moon is in the seventh house of blood (talking out of my ass here), she finds a game that takes her… completely. She has just discovered Plants Vs Zombies. Its hard to say the she “discovered” it considering I sang its praises long ago when IT CAME OUT, but I’m not bitter. I am just glad she is gaming, and as addicted as ever was to my games… well not quite, but close.

Music: Nothing… and for this… I feel shame.

TV/Movies: Captain America is on deck. I will let you know what I think after this weekend. We also have been lent the first season of Braking Bad. I have heard nothing but good, so I hope we can dig into this over the weekend as well.

Life: There may be something really cool I can share about Legacy Control soon, but we will see (Cryptic Much?). I received the estimate for damages on the rental property, not for the pipes being stripped mind you, just the damages the tenants. It’s a stunning figure.

Friday… amen.