Ok, I know this is probably way off, and Nintendo is going to sell a crap load again, but it shouldn’t. Nintendo had a bunch of developers say how excited they are to develop games for the Wii U. Yeah, because Nintendo will actually have a system they can release titles on. One of Reggies biggest bullet points was all the cross platform games that you could now play on a Nintendo system. They used footage for Xbox 360 and Ps3 for god sakes. That highlights a grand deficiency that Nintedo was/is aware of.

Capabilities that they showed with the new WiiUmote:

1. They were showing off golf while using the Wiimote, and the Wii U controller was on the ground in front of you showing the balls lie in the sand trap, or rough. Admittedly pretty cool, but I would gesture that that controller alone will be worth about 150 to 200 bucks (as its basically a dumbed down iPad), so laying it on the ground to play a golf game would be a hefty risk, especially if you are drinking, and/or you have kids.

2. They were showing a sniper type game where the Wii U Mote was attached to a Wii zapper, and you were using it as like a scope. Again, pretty cool, but very gimmicky. That shit is going to be heavy too, I did a test where I just held my hands out in front of me (with nothing in them) for about 2 minutes. It was unpleasant.

3. The Wii U mote has a camera, that shows your reactions as your playing a game like mariocart or what ever. Sony and MS already do that, and from the looks of it the camera will be pointed either at the ceiling, at your chest  or up your nose for most of the time.

4. They showed an iPad-esc game where you were flicking chinese stars from the WiiUmote on to the screen sticking them in bamboo. Neat, but just to go, “hey look what this can do.” Nobody is going to be coming over to throw stars with the WiiPad.

5. You can browse the web on either the WiiUmote, or right on the tv, I can also already do that. I have an iPad…and a laptop.

6. They showed a lady going over to a Wii balance board getting her weight displayed to her on the WiiUmot. I seriously could not care less.

7. They showed a game where your inventory was displayed on the WiiUmote, and that is how you manage it. A cool idea and I talked about it in regards to the iPad, but more on a home computer type setting. I see it being annoying having to look down at your lap to do inventory stuff, and it will totally take you out of the immersion.

8. They showed you like holding the WiiUmote up to the screen as like a X-ray cam. Again, gimmicky, and I do not want to be holding that thing up to a tv, it would become a workout (even though it would be cool for about an hour on Batman.)

Bigger issues with the new WiiUmote:

1. That bitch is big. Its nearly twice the length of the 360 remote. I promise that will kill your wrists during a longer gaming session. Do a test, get two 360 or PS3 controllers and hold them around 9 to 10 inches apart, and imagine playing a game like that.

2. Being as this is a sophisticated peripheral, how much do you think its going to cost to replace it when you spill beer on it? Or, god forbid, you want a second WiiUmote? A pretty penny me thinks.

3. The price, may be the biggest factor in this systems success. The Wii was cheap, and they already have said its not going to be close to that price point. If this system is over $400, I think its going to have a long hard road ahead of it.

4. Its name..The Wii U…is stupid. Just say Wii 2, it makes the most sense all around. They really thought about it too much.

5. Ok, so the WiiUmote is basically an iPad. I don’t know why they stopped short. If I could take it on the bus or to work, or over even to the shitter in the other room it would be a huge selling point. Sadly though, you cant even take it out of the fucking room? I think this was a huge mistake, and hopefully they remedy it.

Ok, this is the part where I give Nintendo credit. I feel like they really did try to push the envelope. They truly attempted to bring about something totally new and innovative, and I guess they did in a lot of ways. I feel like the execution was off. What it does show though, is they at least get it. The Wii filled a gap in the market, and they sold millions of units, but that wont work again. It was an underpowered gimmicky system with little 3rd party support and a less than stellar online accessibility. They now have some interesting games on deck, and with legitimate 3rd party titles bound for the system, you can make a case for the Wii U being your only gaming console.

I am not a Nintendo “hater”, as a matter of fact I got choked up more than once during the press conference. Sometimes all I have to do is hear Mario’s Wah Haa, and my lip quivers. Nintendo hold a tender place in my heart, but this is tough love. I do not want Nintendo to go the way of Sega.

Ok, this post got long so I will talk about some of the other E3 stuff in my next post. Later.