Spoiler alert: Do not continue to read if you do not want Game of Thrones Spoilers.

So after this Sunday nights episode of Game of Thrones, I will never be the same. I have become very emotionally attached to the characters in this show. When I came to the realization that The Lord of Winterfell was actually going to be executed. A large lump immediately welled up in my throat. Bravo HBO, you’ve done it.

After the feeling of loss abated, it was replaced by the thirst for vengeance. So one episode left, and then we will most likely have to wait for quite a while for season 2. I wouldn’t mind so much if I thought season 4 of True Blood didn’t look like it may be a pile of crap, much like season 2 was.

After reading a few bad reviews on Duke Nukem (every review I read), i will def not be getting it. I will just be playing minecraft it seems.

Well off to watch True Grit, and an early bed. Later