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Some of you may have gathered that I am, in fact, a zombie fan. The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z are two of my favorite books ever (if you haven’t read them, your should…now). I would also like to mention that Brad Pitt is one of my favorite actors of all time (man crush). So logically combining these two things into one seems like a home run…right? Wrong.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, brace yourself. It starts off fine, but then you quickly realize that the zombies have taken and entirely new turn. Now these are not only the “fast” variety of zombies (A departure form WWZ as, what I consider to be the authority on traditional undead), but they now also take on a wave like form. Like a rising tide, or storm surge. Now if I am able to forget the source material, and everything I know about zombies, I will probably be able wring a modicum of enjoyment from it.

Speaking of zombies, I am not sure if you all are aware but Black Ops II comes out very soon. I may do a few strips about it…prepare thyselves.

May you cleve Monday’s still beating heart from it’s chest.