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The Strip: So I do drink beer, almost every night. So I had someone (Chris Bergman) who was a outed beer snob. I went to the drive through up the street to acquire a beer selection that would not embarrass me, and think I did a fine job, but it really illustrated my lack of beer knowledge. That drive through is strange…depending on the night you can feel like your in Deliverance or Friday.

Gaming: I am once again tits deep in Minecraft.

TV/Movies: I watched the three Musketeers. It wasn’t good, but it had squandered potential.

Music: Civil Wars, Mumford and Sons, Skrillex.

Life: I stayed up sooo late Saturday night drawing. I wasn’t even drawing LC stuff, I was just experimenting with style, and technique. Its official, I need a new Wacom. It hindering me at this point. I am going to focus my effort on acquiring a Cintiq.