What, you didn’t know they had a unicorn in their backyard named Moon Strider? Well nor did I, it just happened.

I must have angered my body over this holiday weekend, as my bowels felt a mass exodus was in order at work this morning. Twice. Followed by nausea, and feeling quite shaky. I am hoping I make it through the night ok, as I am terrified every time I fart. Though it seems my insides and I have a fragile cease fire at the moment I dare not tempt fate with flagrant flatulence.

So, I forgot that my servercraft payment was coming out of my account, and guess what? Yep, me and my buds are locked out of the  server right now. i have started a coupe of tickets, and tried to temper my frantic requests with, what I hope is perceived as, genuine politeness. There is no payment hotline or whatever, which I think needs to remedied. I have plenty-o-cash on my other card, I just need a way to give it to them. I feel terribly guilty about this. My buds are surly sitting in their (tangible) homes, and shivering in the corner. Im sorry brothers of Winterfell:(

Well, off to bed to rest…ugh my achin’ belly.