Everyone has games they haven’t finished. Games that are being neglected and collecting dust, while you play other games that you may or may not complete. Games that you told yourself, “I’ll get back to it. I just have to play this new game right now,” then never do. Games where you made it all the way to the end but you didn’t want to beat it before doing all of the optional content; you never did the optional content, so you never beat the game.

We’re an easily distracted bunch, us gamers. Our backlogs be wreckin’ our shit.

It’s not a new problem, though it has been made easier to nurture and raise your backlog like a Chia Pet. Way back when, we had to actually go to stores to buy games. These “stores” were places you had to actually travel to, sometimes taking upwards of 15 minutes to arrive at, and then browse their selection. It was also entirely possible that they wouldn’t have a game you were looking for.

Primitive, I know!

Nowadays, we have all of this digital ballyhoo to satiate our deepest desires for extending that massive log and just having the greatest, most glorious log of all time.

Ew, don’t read too far into that.

As soon as I was in a position in my life where I had a disposable income, I started buying games at an alarming rate. I’d buy a PS1 RPG one week, play it, buy another one the next week, start playing that, ignore the old game, buy another one, ignore the medium old game, REALLY ignore the older game, and continue the cycle. It was a dreaded rabbit hole of game-gorging debauchery. An orgy that, admittedly, made me feel awfully good and pretty at the time, but brought later shames.

“Hey, you played ‘Xenogears’, right?”

“Yeah, I sure have played that!” … some.

Alright, Tyler, just be vague, if someone talks about something that happens later in the game, just smile and nod. Act like you know what they’re talking about.

“Wha? Id? Yeah, he… sure was a… guy. What a guy. Man, those things, those things he did. They sure were some things!”

Don’t worry, dear readers, I’ve rectified this mistake. The game has been completed by this point in my life. Settle down.

Though, come to think of it, I don’t have a PS1 backlog anymore. I actually HAVE gone back and finished those things up. Really, I don’t have a PS2 backlog either. Well, there is that sealed copy of “Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha Vs. King Abaddon” that I never got around to playing. But, I really just wanted to type that name out.