There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? That tingle in your groin when “Grand Theft Auto V” was announced for PC last year. We’re so close now, though as of this writing no firm release date has been set (the Steam page reads “Spring 2015”). Still, it’s exciting, isn’t it? New features, better visuals… and dare I hope, heists?

You may ask why gamers who’ve already played it on console would bother with a PC release. Aside from the aforementioned features (like first person camera) and improved resolution/visual effects… mods, dear boy. What else?

I’m not so interested in sweeping gameplay changes and new content as I would be in an RPG game. One could argue that GTA V – and by extension, “Grand Theft Auto Online” – are roleplaying games, I suppose. But I think Rockstar did a fine job as-is. I mean, this isn’t “Skyrim” we’re talking about here, with several features that were sorely lacking or just completely broken (like magicka balance).

My most fervent wish for GTAV PC is the ability to create a custom soundtrack; a unique radio station, specifically. In the past, GTA games have has the ability to create a custom station using mp3s on your hard drive or memory card. Sadly, this feature has been missing since GTA IV. And I very much doubt that Rockstar has plans to add one for the PC release, as it wasn’t included in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions.

And so it will fall upon the modders to make it happen. For every 10 sexist weirdos making hentai stuff, there’s at least one enterprising lad who sees a need and fulfills it. I hold little hope of Rockstar patching in the feature later, since the whole endeavor reeks of copyright issues.

While it’s nice that over 100 new tracks have been added, I still want to inject a few of my own. Over the past year, I’ve been handpicking tracks in iTunes that seemed like a good fit for the game. I could certainly just dump a bunch of music that I like, but it would feel out-of-place in GTA V’s carefully curated soundscape.

Without further rationalizing, I present to you a small sampling of my picks for GTA V PC. Like it? Don’t like it? Got a better idea? Leave a comment.

Busy Earnin’ – Jungle

Busy Earnin’ by Jungle on Grooveshark

I envision the first two entries as trailer material. Slick, up-tempo and groovy as hell. This one in particular addresses the constant grind for more money in GTA Online.


A Fine Way to Die – GRiZ feat. Orlando Napier

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Again, groovy with a side of gameplay relevance.


Sherman (Animals in the Jungle) – Tom Vek

Sherman (Animals In the Jungle) by Tom Vek on Grooveshark

You may remember “One Horse Race” from GTA IV, also by Mr. Vek. I came across this track on Amazon as part of their monthly free music promotion. I get vibes of Vinewood off the lyrics. And really, aren’t all GTAO players just animals in a jungle, Sherman?


I Sat By The Ocean – Queens of the Stone Age

I Sat By the Ocean by Queens of The Stone Age on Grooveshark

Back on track with a themed song, this also hit the airwaves last summer. “…Like Clockwork” is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I was torn between this, “Smooth Sailing”, and “My God is the Sun”. In the end, I went the most obvious thematic connection: heartbreak, alcohol, and large bodies of water.


Dangerous – Big Data feat. Joywave

Dangerous by Big Data on Grooveshark

Back to the mainstream with this 2014 alt radio hit.


Lazaretto – Jack White

Lazaretto by Jack White on Grooveshark

I’m a huge Jack White fan. It’s a good song. It’s popular. It’s recent. So here it goes.


Madness – King Tuff

Madness by King Tuff on Grooveshark

Gotta love the opening drumline/hand claps. This one’s for all the batshit crazy GTAO players. Whenever I play this song, I picture a machinima playing in my head with players mouthing the lyrics. In between bouts of mayhem, of course.


This is a Game – Nick Waterhouse

This Is a Game by Nick Waterhouse on Grooveshark

OK, now we’re just getting ridiculously meta.


RIDE – In The Whale

Click here to preview

A bitchin’ metal track with a not-so-bitchin’ story about drugs and motorcycles. Spoiler alert: they don’t mix.


Out Of The Black – Royal Blood

Out Of The Black by Royal Blood on Grooveshark

No thematic tie-in, just a great song.