It’s GTA Day, and everybody’s celebratin’.

OK, maybe not everybody. After all, “Grand Theft Auto V” has almost been around for two years. And current gen console owners have been able to enjoy a slightly spiffier version since last fall. Still, it’s the Glorious PC Master Race’s time to shine baby! We pre-ordered, pre-loaded, and pre-cummed our pants looking at hi-res screenshots online in anticipation. I for one won’t be 4K capable, but that’s alright.

Back in January, I wrote about some of the music I’d be inserting into GTA V myself. I’ve had plenty of time to refine the list and work in feedback, seeing as how Rockstar delayed the March release. I also made some pretty pictures to go along with it. You can stream most of the music in the previous article I linked to.

GTA Music front coverGTA Music back cover

While I figure out the game (a PC gamer’s tweaking is never done!), please look up and enjoy some cool music and artwork. I hope to see you in GTA Online sometime; drop a comment with your screenname and crew.