If you had the privilege of seeing me in person back in March, you also had the displeasure of seeing me trying to grow a mustache. Sorry about that. Please understand that it was for a good cause.

For the month of March, my employer held a contest to honor men’s health. Participants were to be clean shaven as of March 1st, and proceed to grow mustaches throughout the month and document their progress. The “winners” would be in several categories, from “Porn Star” to “Dirt Lip”.

The prizes were charitable donations to an organization of the winner’s choosing. So for a whole month of looking like an idiot (or worse, a pedophile), I had the chance to help people with it. Deal.

Judgment Day

Say my name!

There wasn’t a lot participation in my office; only two other young gentlemen like myself. The corporate office had a better turnout, and better results, in my opinion. In fact, the ‘staches turned out much better on the older participants. Still, just participating took more follicular fortitude than most employees possessed.

I guess it’s a good thing mine was as terrible as it was… otherwise, I wouldn’t have won anything. That’s right: I actually won the “Dirt Lip” category! For the record, my ‘stache is light because it’s about 50% blonde hairs. That tends to lower the overall saturation, even though it grows in pretty well (I think so, at least).

Yeah, it was gross and creepy, but ultimately worth it. That’s $200 to a charity of my choosing (winners in other categories were awarded the same). I bring this up on a gaming blog because my winnings went to Child’s Play.

So… yeah. It was for sick kids. Before you mock me, think about what you’ve done for charity lately. Oh, and I shaved it off as soon as I got home. Sorry, kids.