Ask not what Legacy Control can do for you; ask what you can do for Legacy Control.

My Internet landlord Javis has had the good fortune to be featured on many Web sites: Dorkly, Joystiq, and Kotaku, just to name a few.

Last year, Kotaku ran an election to find new web comics for its weekly Sunday Comics section. It was a tight race among the newcomers, but Legacy Control made it in. For the past year, Aggro and Co. have brought enlightened comedy to the masses alongside Penny Arcade and many other fine comics.

This week, Kotaku is searching for new comics to feature, while putting all the remaining ones up to a vote. Only 10 comics will make the cut, and we’re hoping Legacy Control is one of them. That’s where you come in.

Head on over to the voting page and cast your ballot by Sunday, December 16. And while you’re at it, select Unicorn Soup as one of the 10 nominees. Imagine a world where more people read Legacy Control and Unicorn Soup. That’s a world I want my imaginary children to know.

Yes, I am 100% biased in this manner. If I didn’t believe in what Javis is doing, I wouldn’t be here writing to you. I’ve seen this strip grow and flourish for two years now, and I feel obligated to give back after all the laughter, energy, and inspiration I’ve received. Last year, I was the “campaign manager” when LC was a little-known strip struggling just to get nominated for Sunday Comics, let alone be featured every week. And by Crom, I’ll be here cheerleading it until the cease-and-desist letter arrives.

I like to think that last year’s victory wasn’t a fluke, that there still are cool, caring people who like what Javis is doing and support his new career. I want to see all the trolls and haters fume when democracy trumps their pettiness. This election is, in the grand scheme of things, not a huge deal. But when you look at it from a creator’s perspective, it means a lot. It’s validation that all their hard work means something, that when they open their hearts to strangers on the Internet, they get more love than hate in return.

I believe in Legacy Control. I know you do, too. Let’s prove it to the Internet.