Here at Legacy Control, we’ve played a lot of “Borderlands 2”. An excessive amount, really. We’ve just dedicated entirely too much time to it. Not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing. No, it definitely isn’t. We’ve absolutely loved our time with the game. So much so, that Javis, Brian, and myself all named it our GotY in 2012.

So, after three DLC releases, we finally get that long-awaited increase in the level-cap, upgrades to your storage and ammo capacity, and a new rarity of loot to go along with it. Sound delicious, no? However, is it really something we needed after all this time and is it even worth downloading?

To start with, this isn’t merely a patch. This is DLC. However, unlike the DLC from the first “Borderlands”, they haven’t tucked away these upgrades into DLC campaigns. What you’re paying for is just this upgrade and it’s $5. That may not sound like a lot of money, and it isn’t, but what are we really getting for it?

We get:

  • The ability to level up to 61. To make things easier, we’re also given Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, which is Playthrough 3.
  • A new loot rarity, which is Pearlescent.
  • More items to purchase in the Black Market, which include upgrades to ammo capacity and your storage locker. To help with this, you’re able to carry more Eridium. (To be fair, this is actually free but I still have issues with this and it will be explained later.)

All that sounds groovy but here’s my problem with it… it’s come way too late.

This stems from one of my biggest issues with DLC and that is that it’s only good as long as you’re still interested in the game. DLC doesn’t reignite interest for me, it merely prolongs it. If I’ve already played a game out, new DLC isn’t going to make me return and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Especially when it doesn’t actually come with any new content, just upgrades that should’ve been there all along. Or, even better, should’ve been included in the other, bigger and more satisfying DLC releases.

Let’s break each bullet point down and see why these additions are poorly thought out.

First is the biggie, the level-cap increase. This is something I greatly desired when I was running around with my maxed Siren and Mechromancer; merrily skipping along through the previous DLC releases. It would’ve given a greater purpose to my slaughter. With this, you’re able to max out two skill trees on a character and that opens up a ton of really interesting and powerful builds.

Unfortunately, it also ruins the game.