Well, hello there, smart and attractive person! Welcome to Control Freaks, the editorial wing of Legacy Control. You know that really funny webcomic you might have seen on your way in? It’s about three panels long with two guys and talking rabbit.

If you’re looking for interesting, insightful, and down-to-earth commentary on gaming and nerd culture, you’ve come to the right place… unless you’re looking for porn and videos of kittens (or some unholy combination of the two). Try here.

The Internet is already chock full of gaming and nerd-related content; why bother doing the same thing here? First, it’s a big part of our lives. It’s a great time to be a nerd/geek/whatever, and sharing our experiences has never been easier.

That said, it isn’t our goal to become the next pseudo-news bloglomerate. Newsbytes and videos are all well and good, and there are plenty of sites that do it so well already. We want a more intimate experience, like a creepy coworker coming up behind you and giving you an unsolicited backrub. Surprise backrubs are great, I don’t care what HR says.

For now, our goal is to bring you weekly columns and reviews from a variety of people. Some are aspiring journalists with a passion for gaming. Others are talented artists eager to share their work with the world. And you have people such as me who just love a friendly, thoughtful atmosphere in which to discuss their hobbies and connect with like-minded people.

In addition to a stable of columns, we’re working on a podcast hosted by Legacy Control’s Great Leader Javis Ray (praise be his name!) and Chris Bergman, founder of Choremonster and partner at Wiseacre Digital (he knows a guy… or two). These are two dudes you should be keeping an eye on; they’re always up to something.

Let’s not forget our esteemed Webninja Kevin (whose powers conjured this site into being), and me, graphic designer and columnist. I think I also qualify as a tax deduction for Javis, like a dependent or something.

The truth is, we’re not entirely sure what direction Control Freaks is headed. We’re hoping you’ll be a part of it and share your talent and thoughts with us. If you’re interested in writing or anything else you think would be a good fit (there’s very little we’d say no to, except kitten porn), please email contact@legacy-control.com.

Full disclosure: everything is pro bono – for now. That means Javis gets to keep the bones. He knows a guy who uses them to get erections.