Disappointment is inevitable in everything we do. If you’re a fan of a team, they’re going to let you down. If you’re a foodie, not everything is going to taste great. Like movies? Well, those end up sucking all of the time. The video game industry is no exception.

Some people take it the wrong way, especially in the world of gaming. They react poorly and then other people react poorly to THEIR disappointment. It’s a terrible phenomenon, but it doesn’t have to be.

We can celebrate these failures, because failing is how we learn. Failing is how we know we’re capable of improving. Failing is what keeps us grounded. So, let’s take a good, hard look at the things that failed to meet expectations and disappointed me this year.

Ashes Cricket 2013

Okay, so I actually had NO idea this was even a game before people started talking about how terrible it was. And, while I’m sure there were people who were saddened by the fact that it was an unplayable mess, it did not affect my life in any way.

Ashes to asses, dust to bust

Ashes to asses, dust to bust

But, I’m disappointed in the fact that you can no longer purchase it. See, after all of the insane videos started cropping up of just how jaw droppingly awful all of the bugs in this game were, the developers apologized, gave refunds, and took the game down from Steam. There was no promise to fix it. While they did accept and admit how poor it was, it didn’t change the fact that people were still entertained by it… and that’s kind of the point of video games.

Now, I don’t know about you, but lots of people enjoy watching bad movies. Watching the right movie with the right people can be a fun experience. The same is true with games. What the developers (Trickstar Games) should have done is reduce the price and let anyone buy it who was curious enough to delve into their twisted world of glitchy tomfoolery.

This is one of those situations where they admitted their fault and apologized. They could’ve used it to their advantage to at least recoup SOME losses. Change your approach! Put on the Steam description, “One of the worst reviewed games of all time! See for yourself what everyone is talking about!”

People would buy it! Failure is funny, and you’d rather be in on the joke than not and have everybody laughing at you. Don’t just admit failure, embrace it!

PS4’s Launch Line-Up

I knew full well what I was getting into when I bought my PS4. I bought it because Sony impressed me this year and I was excited for the future of the console. The launch line-up of the PS4 was still terrible, though.

Not that Playstation launches have been great in the past. The best PS1 launch title was “Rayman”, which was already out on Jaguar. The PS2 had “Tekken Tag Tournament”, which was great! It also had “Fantavision”. But, the sheer VOLUME of the amount of PS2 launch titles was staggering. The PS3 had… uhhh, “Resistance”. The best launch title for PS4? “Resogun”!

I love “Resogun”, and I played the hell out of it, but that’s the best original content this brand new system has.

Sure, it has the best looking version of “Assassin’s Creed IV” on console, a snazzy interface, and loads of potential, but that’s not enough. For all of the crap the gaming industry gave Microsoft about the Xbox One, they AT LEAST had a launch that had some semblance of “new”.

Sony is playing the long game, sure. They won over the hearts and minds of many gamers with their more consumer friendly attitudes. They just really needed a game to back their words up. Sure, some things were out of their control. “Watch Dogs” got delayed, and that was probably going to be a big seller for them. I know that I was going to buy it. But, that is multiplatform. “Driveclub”, their big exclusive racer, got pushed back, too.

I appreciate the fact that they delayed “Driveclub”. It shows that they’re not willing to sacrifice quality, just so they get a game out the door for launch. That’s good, but they had nothing else. They put all of their planning into winning over gamers, instead of actually making sure they had games for them to play.

I mean, the PS4 didn’t even launch with a new “Ridge Racer”! That’s the de facto launch series. Sure, no one buys them, but I was so desperate that I would’ve.

2014 is an important year for you, Sony. Don’t screw it up.