The Strip: So yeah…did your hear slash see this? Now I am a fan of what Jason West and Vince Zampella have done for the FPS genre. They have really taken it up a notch…but why even put out these obscure blurry pictures…whats the point? I don’t feel excited…I feel insulted. Maybe they are making fun of the industry, and how releasing two blurry images is enough to even be a news story? Either way…I am super excited to see what they have on deck.

Gaming: So I am starting to get really jealous of all of the stuff I am hearing about Skyrim that I am just not a high enough level, or progression to experience yet. That said, I do had about 10 days in a row off for the holiday season and plan to do some serious Skyrim time…as long as I work ahead on the strip first.

TV/Movies: Why did I ever like A Charlie Brown Christmas? I mean I understand that as a cartoonist, I should…but that shit is super boring.

Music: Vince and the Peanut gang…what its Christmas. Too bad the soundtrack CRUSHES the cartoon!

Life: Ah yes…time off. I really plan to crank up my productivity on the strip and get a lot of stuff finished. I really want to take things to a new level in 2012. I want to give another heart felt thanks to everyone who has helped me through this past year…it would’ve been impossible with out you. You know who you people are;)

I am off, so I will be having a fantastic Friday, and I hope you do too,