Now I’m not saying that I don’t like sports. Quite the contrary, as I can can find enjoyment in almost any form of competition. That is to say, I’m a competitive person. Competition fuels me. I have never had the ability or desire to memorize every stat, player and rule to the worlds most popular games. This has ALWAYS made me feel like an oddball. Made me feel like a I didn’t fit in with most other guys.

It’s not that I’m not athletic either. I find I’m capable of doing well at most physical activity I attempt. I was forced to play little league for 8 years, made it on to the all-star team a few times but it never really spoke to me.

I do follow one sport feverishly and that sport is MMA. I’m a huge fan and I spend much time researching fighters stats and history. As some of you may or may not know I have competed in a couple of amateur cage fights. I still do burn to compete in MMA but after my last devisating loss (broken nose and rib) I swore I would never get back in the cage without being totally prepared. I am getting to an age where that seems less and less like a possibility. I will always train though.

Sports and sports talk is such an integral piece of American culture, that those of us who don’t’ really follow main stream sports are made to feel like outcasts at times. I generally want to talk about video games, Magic the Gathering or boobs (boobs are universal, I know). Anyway, I hope my coming out about my inability to “Sports Talk” gives hope the rest of you out there, who are woefully unable to do the same, that there are a lot of us out there;)