The Strip: I really don’t have any idea why this one happened. You know that movie They Live…its like that…with sharks. My daughter has a shark poster…I’m scared of sharks…they are of course among us plotting to over throw us…get over it.

Gaming: I’m really going to try to get on and do some more Skyrimming this fine eve. I am currently stuck in a god forsaken dungeon trying to assemble some amulets. I am getting guy rear handed to me over and over….I will overcome. I am Dragonborn

TV/Movies: My wife watches old lady shows every night…what has the world come to?

Music: I went all Christmas today. Charlie Brown, and Bells of Dublin. Trying to get the Christmas feeling going!

Life: I can do nothing but salivate for this time off coming up…oh how do I need it. I plan to have quite a buffer after the break.

Happy Wednesday all!